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Quarter of a Beef:

Natural Beef for Sale: 1/4 beef for sale

Approximately 130lbs of mouthwatering flavor combined
for a unique melody from quality steaks and
delicious roasts to fantastic hamburger.

Sold on the hoof via live weight for $1.56lb plus
processing costs and shipping.

Total Cost Example:

Estimated Beef Cost:
1400lbs live weight on hoof x $1.56 per lb = $2184.00 for whole beef (or $1,092.00 for half & $546.00 for a quarter).

Estimated Processing Cost:
Processing cost is based off of carcass weight (weight once slaughtered and dressed, i.e. removal of inedible items). Normally the carcass weight is approximately 62% of live weight on the hoof so for a 1400lb beef the carcass weight would be 868lbs. Basic processing cost is $0.49 per lb of carcass weight + $40.00 slaughtering charge. $0.49lb x 868lbs carcass weight + $40.00 slaughtering = $465.32 per whole beef (or $232.66 for a half & $116.33 for a quarter) If you would like patties, tenderizing, stew meat, or the roasts rolled and tied it is an extra $0.39 per lb.

Actual beef weights and availability will vary.
Please keep in mind the differences between hoof,
carcass, and final packaged meat weight.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

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